Monthly Archives: March 2014


I recently bought a Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6235 Mini PCI card to enable WiFi communication for my Intel Galileo board. Since I needed to add wireless display capabilities to my SSMU project, I decided to do a mini project to become familiar with sending and receiving data over WiFi.

The libGDX app launches and waits for the user to enter the IP address and port number the client (phone/tablet/computer) should use to connect to the server (Galileo). Once connected, the Galileo can send commands to draw shapes, text, and images based on the Arduino TFTLibrary API.

To save communication bandwidth, the Galileo only sends new images to the client which then caches the image. This way subsequent draw commands for that image only require the client to fetch the image from its local storage.

The python class and associated executables can be downloaded from my GitHub account along with the current list of known issues and planned features. I will be releasing the full source of the libGDX app shortly.

The video below shows Galileo simultaneously drawing the above demo image to four devices (phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop). I believe the lag for the tablet was due to an application trying to update itself since the Galileo had completed sending commands.