This blog is meant as a way for me to publicly record my progress on different projects in the hopes that they might be useful and/or inspiring to others. The majority of the contents will be related to electronics (since I majored in electrical engineering) but other random project types might make their way onto here as well.

The views and opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer. Any comments on a post are the property of their individual authors.

  1. Mario said:

    Hi there
    I am following your blog with great interest and recently Ive been working on a project that requires the same power system than the one you use in your sensor. That is, it has to be powered from a coin cell OR LiPo OR USB, I am really stuck at this part. I would like to ask you how you manage this part in your power subboard, it’d be very much appreciated you could please shed some light on that. I’ve been doing some tests with power mud and MOSFET switches but really haven’t come up with the right solution. Please give a hand on this
    Many thanks


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